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Acetic Acid 30%

Acetic Acid 30%
Acetic Acid 30%
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Product Code : 2040
Brand Name : Abenterprises
Product Description
Acetic Acid 30%

Formula     :   C2H4O2

CAS No       :   64-19-7

Synonyms  :   Ethanoic acid,  Essigsaeure,  Acetasol,  Glacial acetic acid ,  Ethylic acid,  Vinegar acid, acetate, Lanthanacetat, Mercuriacetate.

Short Description  :    Acetic Acid occurs naturally as a metabolic intermediate in body fluids and plant juices. It is the acid of vinegar, used as an acidity regulator in the food industry, also used as a chemical reagent and solvent in the manufacture of rubber, plastics.