Casting Chemicals

Our comprehensive assortment of Casting Chemicals ranges from Dextrine to Sodium Silicate. Dextrine is a group of low-molecular weight carbohydrate which is a combination of D-glucose and polymers. It is available in various colors such as white, yellow, and brown and is used in water soluble glues, food processing for enhancing the crispness, binding agent in paper coating, and others. We have immense expertise to various types of Casting Chemicals as per the requirement of the customers. Thus, we offer Sodium Silicate, also known as water-glass or liquid glass. It is one of the vital Casting Chemicals used in cement, refractories, lumber processing, and others.
We have vast experience in manufacturing Sodium Silicate as per market standards. It is used along with magnesium silicate as fitting paste in repairing a variety of metals. Moreover, it is mixed in concrete to reduce the porosity, plasters, and others. Above all, we offer of TETRA BUTYL Ammonium Fluoride used as phase transfer catalyst. Working with the industry best professionals gives us strength to come up with accurate composition of casting chemicals. Furthermore, we also focus on packaging and timely delivery.

Product Key Features

  • Precise composition
  • Tamper-proof packaging
  • Outstanding casting properties
  • Available in white, yellow, and brown colors

Technical Specifications:

  • Casting Quality: High
  • Heat Resistance Capacity: <500
  • Casting Color: Transperant,White
  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
  • Casting Shape: Thick Liquid,Powder
  • Electrical Conductivity: Insulation
  • Casting Classification: Specific Reagents
  • Chemical Usage: Concrete,Investment casting, Textile
  • Packaging Delivery Detail: As Per Customer Specifications
  • Shipment By: Cargo, Road, Sea
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Sodium Metha Bi Sulphite

Price: 500 INR

Sodium metabisulfite Molecular Formula: Na2S2O5 Molecular Weight: 190.095 g/mol CAS Number: 7681-57-4 EC Number: 231-673-0 Chemical formula: Na2S2O5 Molar mass: 190.107 g/mol Appearance: white to yellow powder UN Number: 1759 Physical Description: Dry Powder Solubility: 54 % Uses: Food additives

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Molar mass : 53.06 g•mol−1 Appearance: Colorless liquid Thickness : 0.81 g/cm3 Condensing point : −84 °C (−119 °F; 189 K) Limit : 77 °C (171 °F; 350 K) Dissolvability in water : 70 g/L Streak point : −1 °C; 30 °F; 272 K

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Carboxyethylisothiuronium Chloride

The Carboxyethylisothiuronium Chloride are white or yellowish powder. These are impurity tolerant agent & can improve covering power at law current region. Further they are packed in leak proof bottles.

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Tetrabutylammonium fluoride

The Tetra Butyl Ammonium Fluoride are typically ammonium salt used in various research laboratories. Apart from this they are widely used as a mild base and are also used as phase transfer catalyst.

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Casting Chemicals

The Casting Chemicals are suitable for steel casting, aluminum casting, nickel casting, etc Apart from this these chemicals are packed in a leakage free packaging & are checked thoroughly on different parameters to remove any kind of impurity.


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