Our Product Range

A.B. Enterprises promises to manufacture all the items conforming to world class quality standards as well as latest designs.  We are one of the reputed manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of the following products:

List of Chemicals

  • Food Chemicals: Acetic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, meleic acid, gms powder, sorbitol, propyl glycol, calcium propionate, bakery chemicals, flavour, potassium meta bisulphite, menthol, peppermint, thymol ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium carbonate, pactin, sodium benzoate, butylate hydroxy anisole, etc.
  • Food & Lake Colour: Red, pink, blue, green, yellow and brown
  • General Chemicals: Caustic soda flakes, caustic potash flakes, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite, sodium sulphate, sodium bicarbonate, soda ash, calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, zinc sulphate, zinc oxide, hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid
  • Industrial Chemicals: Caustic soda flakes, caustic potash flakes, nitrate, sodium nitrite, sodium sulphate, sodium bicarbonate, soda ash, calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, zinc sulphate, zinc oxide, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, toluene, phenol, benzene, cyclohexanone, carbon tetra chloride, methyl dichl ordie,  epichlorohydrine, vam and bam
  • Paints and Inks: Rosin, turpentine, pine oil, mineral turpentine oil, ethyl silicate, phenol, butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, methanol, propyl glycol and titanium oxide
  • Lecithin
  • Phenylmagnesium Bromide.
  • Pigment Colour: Red, green, beta blue, yellow and pink
  • Disinfectant: Instrument cleaner, chlorhexedine, chloramine t, benzalkonium chloride, lysol, sodium benzoate, potassium permanganate, alum, hydrogen peraoxide, mouth cleaning chemicals, ethanol and ISO propyl alcohol
  • Petrochemicals: Toluene, benzene, phenol, hexine, heptone, industrial solvent base oil, rubber process oil, M.E.K., M.I.B.K. acetone, butanol, octanol, lube oil and cyclohexanone
  • Solvents: Toluene, benzene, phenol, hexine, heptone, industrial solvent base oil, rubber process oil, M.E.K., M.I.B.K. acetone, butanol, octanol, lube oil, cyclohexanone, carbon tetra chloride, di acetone, ethyl acetate and acrylic acid
  • Brass Handicraft Chemicals: Borex and policying chemicals
  • Automobile Chemicals: Lubricants and cleaning chemicals
  • Cable and Wire Chemicals: Solvent colour, DOP, DBP, DBM and titanium oxide
  • Plastic Chemicals: Optical brightener, opticals whitener, pigment colour, pearls pigment and inks
  • Yarn Chemicals: Optical brightener, optical whitener, starch, P.V.A. and acrylamide
  • Dental Chemicals: Fluorine compound, mercury, benzalkonium chloride tartaric acid, meleic acid and calcium sulphate
  • Leather Chemicals: Softener, sodium nitrate, resorcinol, sodium benzoate and basic colour
  • Pharmachemicals: Sodium benzoate, pharma grade chemicals, methyl dichloride,  titanium dioxide, cmc, maize starch, melto dextine and instrument

Product Range also covers:

  • Cleaning Chemicals: Lysol and benzelkonium chloride
  • Air Condition Cleaning Chemicals: Cleaning solvent
  • Textile Chemicals: Softener, dyefix, scouring chemicals, stain remover, wetting agent, optical whitener and defoamer
  • Sugar Chemicals: Defoamer, denatnium saccharides, bromide compound and sodium hydrosulphite
  • Flavour Chemicals: Lime oil, orange oil, propyl glycol, sorbitol, lecithin, aromatic chemicals and ethyl venyline
  • Laboratories Chemicals: Inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, fine chemicals and solvents
  • Water Treatment Chemicals: Alum, poly aluminium chloride, polyelectrolite, sodium hexameta phosphate, trisodium phosphate, stpp, tspp, potassium permanganate, lime powder, sodium hypochloride, bleaching powder, sodium benzoate and sodium sulphate
  • Electroplating Chemicals: Copper sulphate, chromic acid, tartaric acid nickel sulphate, zinc oxide and metals
  • Treatment Chemicals Furniture Adhesives: Synthetic adhesive and solvent adhesive
  • Synthetic Adhesives: Adhesive chemicals and monomer
  • Hotel Chemicals: Sodium benzonate, acetic acid, cleaning chemicals, swimming pool cleaning chemicals laundry chemicals, floor and toilet cleaner
  • Chemicals: Chloramine T and sodium hypochloride
  • Rubber Chemicals: Resorcinol, styrene monomer, vam, bam, mould release  chemicals, defoamer and silicon emulsion
  • Bitterent Chemicals: Denatonium benzoate and denatonium saccharides
  • Detergent and Soaping Chemicals: Soda ash, caustic soda flakes, sodium lauryl sulphate, S.L.E.S. acid slurry, liquid soap, sodium sulphate and sodium meta silicate
  • Shampoo Chemicals: sodium lauryl sulphate, S.L.E.S. and cocoamide propyl butane
  • Mineral Chemicals: Lime powder, soap stone powder, china clay, plaster of paris, calcium sulphate and calcium carbonate
  • Eco-friendly Chemicals: Acetic acid, alum powder and mineral powder
  • Electronic Industries Chemicals: IPA, acetone and hydrogen peraoxide
  • Casting Chemicals: Dextrine and sodium silicate
  • Corrugated Paper Gum: Corrugated paper and adhesives powder
  • Bakery Chemicals: Gms powder, calciumpropionate, pactin, sorbitol, sorbic acid and ascorbic acid
  • Essential Oil Preservatives: Tartary butylated hydroxy quinone and B.H.A.
  • Whitening Chemicals:  Optical whitener, synthetic fabric whitener, plastic whitener and yarn whitener.

As a core manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a wide gamut of industrial chemicals & paints, we serve chemical, pharmaceutical, food, textile and other industries.

Our Strengths

We have a well-known position in the market of industrial chemicals & paints, as a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier. It is attributed to our sound experience in the field, and it is due to the international quality standards that we follow to manufacture our products. The core strengths of our firm are as follows:

  • Experienced & Proficient Personnel
  • Global Quality Standards
  • Ideal Packaging Options
  • Investment In Modern Technologies
  • Sound Infrastructure
  • Timely Execution Of Orders
  • Wide Industry Knowledge


Owing to our quality industrial chemicals, reasonable pricing, timely delivery and client-oriented work, we have been able to muster a large clientele in the global market. Modern technologies, use of effective inputs and dedicated workforce enable us to bring the finest in the chemical industry. Also, we take proper information from the clients and work on the same, so that we can offer them the best satisfactory industrial chemical solutions.

Team Efforts

We feel proud to have an excellent team of professionals who are proficient and enthusiastic. We employ eligible, talented and sincere individuals in our organization, and provide them proper training so as to enhance their skills. They place thorough efforts to handle all sorts of queries of our clients, and work round the clock to meet their comprehensive as well as essential requirements. Also, our personnel strive to meet market dynamics efficiently in order to bring the most innovative industrial chemicals. They perform each and every task carefully and as per the core norms of the industry.

Our Vision

We strive to become an eminent as well as quality-concern company, and for this, we place every effort towards maintaining the highest quality standards in our range of industrial chemicals.

Achievements & Milestones

Our variety of Organic Solvents is capable enough to satisfy the needs of different industries. Also, our Rubber Chemicals are widely used by the industries like Leather, Rubber, etc. Offered Water Treatment Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Chemicals are prepared carefully, according to new as well as effective norms & standards of the industry. And we have been awarded for offering quality chemicals for all industries. 

Quality Focus

As a quality centric company we endeavor to maintain the highest quality standards in our industrial chemicals & paints. Our sound processing unit is well-incorporated with world-class quality norms that are stringently followed while developing the products. We conduct tough quality checks on each product throughout the process of manufacturing. Also, this helps us to ensure that all our products are fine in terms of use, effectiveness and long shelf life etc.

A B Enterprises executes thorough research to develop improved quality industrial chemicals and other innovative chemical products. Further, we work to facilitate our clients by providing them cost-effective as well as high-quality products within a limited time frame. We also strive to maintain global quality standards in our range of chemicals. Our specialty in food microbiology & chemistry helps us in developing high-test array of Food Chemicals that contribute to overcoming the flaws related to flavor and contamination in food & beverages.

Packaging & Delivery

We make extra efforts in packaging as well as supplying of chemical products. This helps us to deliver the range in perfect condition at our clients' end. We perfectly pack all our products and label them, so that we can avoid hassles in delivery. Further, we have tie-ups with established logistic organizations that assist in timely & safe delivery of orders. This also helps in keeping long-term relationships with the clients.

Sound Infrastructure

Our sound infrastructure covers a large area and has well-set manufacturing, testing, packaging and storage units. All these wings are fully equipped with the latest as well as core machinery that brings quality industrial chemicals. Also, our well-sectioned warehouse enables us to store large amount of products in varieties. Owing to this, we can meet urgent demands of clients in a fast & effective way. Our state-of-the-art laboratory has dependable and new technologies which creates an excellent working to develop innovative chemical products for various industries.  

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