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DCPD Acetate (Verdyl Acetate)

DCPD Acetate (Verdyl Acetate)
DCPD Acetate (Verdyl Acetate)
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Product Code : 1077
Brand Name : A.B.enterprises
Product Description
DCPD Acetate (Verdyl Acetate)

Cas No       :  5413-60-5

Einecs No :  226-501-6

Verdyl Acetate gives to floral accords an attractive green fruity volume with a sweet anise and wood background

Odour  : Powerful, Herbaceous-green fruity fresh woody

Uses    : Excellent modifier for floral, fruity green notes, used for perfuming soaps, detergents, air freshners

DCPD Acetate, Greenyl Acetate, Cyclacet, metaxolene, Herbaflorate, jasmacyclene

Molecular Formula: C12 H16 O2

Molecular Weight : 192

Boiling Point         : 264°c (760mm Hg)

Assay  :  Sum of Isomers 98-100 %

Appearance  :  Clear Colourless to pale yellow liquid, Non- viscous liquid

Specific gravity    :  1.068-1.075

Refractive Index : 1.492-1.496

Flash Point          : 100°C

Solubility             : Soluble in alcohol, insoluble in water