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DCPD Propionate (Verdyl Propionate)

DCPD Propionate (Verdyl Propionate)
DCPD Propionate (Verdyl Propionate)
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Product Code : 1078
Brand Name : A.B.Enterprises
Product Description
DCPD Propionate (Verdyl Propionate)

Cas No      : (1) 17511-60-3 (2) 68683-24-9

Einecs No : (1) 241-514-7 (2) 272-805-7

Verdyl Propionate has a sweet fruity floral note with aspects of jasmin and anise. This is the Propionate Ester of the Cyclene family, and is much softer than Verdyl Acetate. It works well in combination with the other cyclenes.

Odour :  Powerful, Herbaceous-green fruity fresh woody

Uses   : Mostly used along with acetate in citrus, lavender, floral and fruity notes and in fragrance designed for cosmetics, soaps and detergents

Synonyms : DCPD Propionate, Hexahydro-4, 7-Methano-Inden-5(6)-yl propionate

Molecular Formula : C13 H18 O2

Molecular Weight   : 206

Boiling Point : 268°c (760mm Hg)

Assay              : Sum of Isomers 97-100 %

Appearance   : Clear Colourless to pale yellow liquid, Non- viscous liquid

Specific gravity    : 1.047 – 1.057

Refractive Index : 1.488 – 1.492

Flash Point          : 100°C

Solubility             : Soluble in alcohol, insoluble in water.