Electroplating Chemicals
Our range of Electroplating Chemicals is used to modify surface attributes of metal objects by creating a layer of coating on electrode surface. Offered precisely formulated chemicals act as suitable intermediates to enhance corrosion resistance capacity and brightness of metal surface.
Rare Earth Chemicals
Rare Earth Chemicals have extensive application in electronics, pharmaceutical, metal processing, renewable energy and other industries. Offered in powder or liquid form, these chemicals are reckoned for their precise composition, long storage life, affordable price, advanced formulation and excellent coloring properties.
Dental Chemicals
Offered in liquid form, our range of Dental Chemicals is reckoned for its precise formulation, skin friendly content, good adhesive properties and balanced ph level. These chemicals have extensive applications in health care sector for their non toxic content and hygienic production method.
Detergent Chemicals
Detergent Chemicals are used to add fragrance and to improve cleaning attributes of surfactants. Developed from best grade elements, these cost effective chemicals have no adverse effect on fabric quality. Free form toxin content, these are anti allergic by nature.
Food Chemicals
Food Chemicals are used to improve texture and appearance of ready to eat items, confectionery and various other savory dishes. Formulated as per food safety standards, these chemicals are offered in moisture and air protected packaging to maintain their hygienic condition.
Industrial Chemicals
Offered in liquid and powder forms, our range of Industrial Chemicals is reckoned for its pure composition, excellent chemical properties, high solubility level and long shelf life. Extensively used in chemical processing and in other industries, these chemicals are cost effective.

Offered assortment of specially formulated Pesticides is used to safeguard crops and plants against insects and pests that have damaging effects on crop production rate. Free from harmful toxin content, these formulations have no adverse effect on crops, plants and soil.
Synthetic Food Colour
Composed as per food safety standard, this range of Synthetic Food Color is used to improve texture of confectionery items and other dishes. Quality of this food color has been verified on the basis of its color intensity, content and shelf life.
Home Disinfectant
Offered in crystalline powder form, our range of Home Disinfectant is preferred for its exact formulation, high effectiveness and long storage life. This array of disinfectant has standard boiling and melting points. Quality of this chemical has been verified on the basis of its content.
Solvent Chemicals
Specially composed Solvent Color is used as suitable coloring agent for hydrocarbon based products, lubricants, waxes and so on. This type of color dissolves easily in solvents like oil, aromatic hydrocarbon, ketone and ether. Versatile nature and long storage life are some of its main features.
Rubber Chemicals
Rubber Chemicals are used during manufacturing and processing of rubber to optimize its elasticity, hardness and durability. Offered chemicals are also effective in improving wear resistance properties of rubber. These chemicals are required during production of automotive components and surgical products.
Leather Chemicals
Offered Leather Chemicals act as suitable auxiliary agents during tanning and polishing of leather. These chemicals dissolve easily in water and acidic solutions. Quality of these products has been verified on the basis of their content, shelf life, properties and ph level.

Textile Chemicals
Specially prepared Textile Chemicals can be used under alkaline and acidic conditions. Composed as per specific application needs of customers, these chemicals can be applied under artificial and natural fibers. Precise composition, long storage life and excellent chemical properties are their main attributes.

Laboratory Chemicals
Our standard quality Laboratory Chemicals are used for successful conduction of chemical reactions and tests. Safe to handle, these chemicals have gone through different testing parameters like composition, attributes, application method, storage life and effectiveness to ensure about their standard quality.
Fine Chemicals
Our painstakingly formulated range of Fine Chemicals is reckoned for its high purity level. These chemicals are mainly used for laboratory research work purpose. Quality of these chemicals has been tested on the basis of their attributes under different temperature conditions and formulation method.
Chemical Supplies
We have attained specialization in the market for trading in a tremendous spectrum of Chemical Supplies. They are made under the monitoring and assistance of experienced and knowledgeable manpower by using the up to the minute technology. The supplies can be acquired by clients in varied features and characteristics in order to fulfill their actual needs.

Amino Acids

With the aid of ultra-modern techniques and fine standard chemicals, we are offering a large ambit of Amino Acids. These acids are the building blocks of proteins that provide numerous health benefits.

We are here to present a diverse collection of Plasticizers. They are used in the formation of PVC panels and give them high strength for enhancing their long time performing ability.
Ultramarine Blue
Extensive collection of Ultramarine Blue are presented by us in the domestic market. They are used in various industries to cater the diverse needs of the clients in an accurate manner.

To support multiple manufacturing processes, we are here to present an immense set of Amine. They are utilized as a solvent and also in forming other various chemicals.
 Chemical Reagent
We have received a primary position in the national market for delivering an exclusive ambit of Chemical Reagent. They are produced using the high grade materials along with the pioneering techniques.
We are commercializing in a vast assortment of Fungicides. They are pesticides that are used for protecting plants from fungal diseases by killing fungus. They are widely used in agricultural sector.
For assisting in various applications in diverse sectors in an economy, we are marketing in a panoramic radius of Acids. They are accessible in several kinds to support every client requirements.
Organic Compound
We have achieved a prominent place in the marker for publicizing in a panoramic collection of Organic Compounds. They are backed by pioneering techniques along with the support of devoted employees.
We are attaining extreme recognition in the market for publicizing in a comprehensive collection of Petrochemicals. These chemicals are extensively utilized in coatings and paints. They are formed from coal, oil, natural gas and other sources.
Metal Chemicals
By perfectly complying with the international quality parameters, we have successfully formed the high class qualitative range of Metal Chemicals. They are widely appreciated by all the customers in the market place.
Casting Chemicals
For making strong metal products, we are commercializing in a comprehensive collection of Casting Chemicals. They offer long serving life and higher dependability to multiple products.
Disinfectant Chemicals
We have earned and appreciation from our clients by merchandising in a superlative range of Disinfectant Chemicals. They are used for destroying various harmful microorganisms. The chemicals are very reliable.
Artificial Sweetener
To add sweetness in everyone's life, we are dealing in a widespread range of Sweeteners. They are used in the preparing of various cuisines in commercial and residential sectors.