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Amyl Salicylate (Oxo)

Amyl Salicylate (Oxo)
Amyl Salicylate (Oxo)
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Product Code : 1081
Brand Name : A.B.Enterprises
Product Description
Amyl Salicylate (Oxo)

Cas No       : 2050-08-0

Einecs No : 218-080-2

Amyl Salicylate has a floral and sweet, herbaceous and balsamic character, with a greenish tone. It is extensively employed in florals and can be an important ingredient for fougeres.

Odour :  Herbaceous-green, mild floral odour

Uses   :  Finds application in soap,detergents,shampoo,Alcoholic lotion,fine fragrance,house hold and beauty care,good blending agent for floral compounds

Synonyms  :  Soluble in alcohol,insoluble in water

Molecular Formula :  C12H1603

Molecular Weight   : 208

Boiling Point            : 278°c(760mm)

56-73% n-pentyl salicylate
27-43% 2-methyl butyl salicylate
99-100% min sum of salicylates
Appearance            :  Clear colourless,slightly viscous liquid

Specific gravity     : 1.048-1.057

Refractive Index  : 1.505-1.510

Flash Point           : 100°C

Solubility              : Soluble in alcohol,insoluble in water