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Gold trichloride

Gold trichloride
Gold trichloride
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Product Code : 828
Brand Name : A.B.Enterprises
Product Description

Gold trichloride

CAS No.      :     13453-07-1,10294-30-1
Other Names  :   Gold chloride;Gold(III)chloride
MF           :     HAuCl4
Purity       :     Au 50%min

MW       : 303.32
Density  : 3.9
Melting point  : 254oC
 Appearance : orange acicular crystal
Storage    :  seal save

Solubility : easy to soluble in water, ethanol, diethyl ether, micro-soluble in chloroform, insoluble in carbon disulfide.

Use: used for gold-plating, particular ink, drug, cermet and red glass, producing kingds of gold compounds, also applied in photo and chemical reagents.